Dingly Dangly Frosti Arctic Fox

0 Months
Item Number: 0188623

Frosti Arctic Fox will warm baby’s heart and stimulate their senses. Colour and patterns to engage baby’s sight, a textured tail and ribbon loops for little hands to discover, a mirror to reflect light and see-through tinted rattle feet with glitter highlights to excite the imagination and engage listening skills. Frosti’s bumpy foot encourages oral exploration and provides relief from teething discomfort while the easy attach clip is perfect for on the go play! With so many fun features to support baby’s development, it makes sense that our Dingly Dangly’s are playtime favourites!

  • Colourful see through rattle feet encourage listening and looking
  • Textured materials to explore and touch
  • Bumpy teether foot soothes sore gums and supports oral exploration
  • Easy attach clip for fun on the go
  • Reflective mirror foot promotes self awareness